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Every photo in a Quintet has something in common with the other four. The commonality might be the setting, the pose, the props, the photographic style, or something else. At times the similarity will be obvious, sometimes not so much. 

I try to keep the blog varied in terms of content, but within my own tastes in erotica, which should become obvious the more you look around. You shouldn’t expect any male/female hardcore. (In fact, the only dudes you’re likely to see here are the lucky witnesses of a woman appearing nude in public.)  The girl/girl shots I put up can get a bit naughtier, but the bulk of the images on Sexy Quintets are of the “glamour” side of Internet erotica.

Every photo on Sexy Quintets is identically shaped in the aspect ratio of 1:1.6, which has become known as “the beauty ratio.” If you want to see the Quintet sets grouped together by topic, go to the Archive and resize your browser for five images wide. 

Sexy Quintets was updated daily for the first two years of its existence, but time pressures mean that it is now updated less frequently. I very much appreciate all the kind messages of support.

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